Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Joel’s Birthday Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012
Form teams of no more than 6 people for the scavenger hunt. At least one person from the group must be visible in each photo. Photos will be judged and then awarded points based on awesomeness (lawlessness, nudity, bad-assery, etc.). Points will obviously not be awarded if you’re not wearing a Joel shirt. Combinations of different scavenger hunt items will earn extra points. Points will be decided tomorrow and the $50 cash prize awarded to the winner. Email me at with you submission or a link to your photos. Try not to go to jail or be killed. And remember, in photo scavenger hunts (and in real life too), pics or it didn’t happen. Enjoy!

·         Order a Joel at Jakes
·         A photo with a real life Benson Celebrity (Shooter the Cat, Conor Oberst, Jokes for $1 Lady, Lady Gaga, etc)
·         Abbey Road photo across Maple St.
·         A photo of the best stolen item
·         Find the man with the orange duct tape (he’ll be in a Joel shirt if that helps) and get a little tape on ya bad self
·         Sit on a motorcycle at Full House
·         Cruise on through the Tunnel of Love at Lovers Luxuries, get shocked by Intensity, and track down the Ass Servant
·         Beat a stranger in a game at the Beercade
·         Sneak into the Waiting Room without paying
·         Get down and soulful at the Sydney
·         Say something inappropriate to a random couple
·         Touch a stranger at Louis
·         Assemble a human pyramid inside of the Musette
·         Handstand/headstand in the Pizza Shoppe
·         Kiss a stranger in Krug Park
·         Take the celery from someone’s bloody mary at Krug Park
·         Pose with the octopus behind the Pizza Shoppe
·         Use the opposite genders restroom
·         Autograph a stranger
·         Take a picture with someone you don’t know in a Joel shirt
·         Wildcard (surprise and amaze me)

Points will also be awarded for
·            The number of bars you take shots in
·            Nudity
·            Blood on your shirt
·            A winning Keno card (the more money, the more points)
·            Ordering a Joel at any bar

The Party Begins Tonight!

The day we have all been anticipating for months and months is finally upon us. The shirts with my face on them are coming together in my living room as we speak. There will be over 100 given out tonight, including a limited amount of V-necks and wife-beaters. $200 worth of free beer will be flowing at Burke's Pub in Benson. Jake's across the street has created a signature drink, named The Joel, available for your drinking pleasure.  The photo scavenger hunt is nearing completion and will have a $50 cash prize. Burke's will be decorated in orange and serving cake with my face on it.

Simply put, it's going to be one hell of a night. I'll be to Burke's by 8 to get things rolling. Show up on time if you want some free beer and the best shirt selection. Invite anyone you would like. I'll see you tonight!

Update: Shirts with my face on 'em!

Rescheduled Party

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to have to postpone last moment like this, but it looks like there is quite a bit going on in Benson this weekend. We will therefore be pushing the party back until Saturday, June 16th.  This will also give me another week to get everything put together to throw one hell of a party.

I will be at Burke's in Benson by 7pm on Saturday the 16th. There will be free tee-shirts with my face on them, cake, drinks, another photo scavenger hunt around Benson, and more. Even though we're starting early, I'll be out all night some come out whenever you can. Obviously, please feel free to invite anyone you would like, the more the merrier. 

If anyone would like to help be involved in setting up, shirt creation, or anything else please let me know. Otherwise I hope to see everyone on the 16th!

I'll be updating this site with more info, shirt designs, and so on. So keep checking back (like you wouldn't have already).